Laptop Sticker Chaos

Laptop Sticker Chaos

Jul 01, 2016    

The job has been stressful. I’ve been taking a few things too seriously. I visted some awesome dev and ops shops this week in New York City and by comparison I realized my laptop matched my demeanor. It is time to up my laptop sticker game. Since Elastic{on} 2016 I’ve run around with my laptop set up to show the new corp tech logos (a shift from the non-matching stickers of the ELK days):

Too Corporate

This now needs to change. Compare to my laptop case decked out with much more personal stuff from when I worked at MarkLogic:

Old Personal Style

I’ve collected a bunch of cool stickers in the time I’ve been working at Elatic. I get to do a lot of fun things and play with some awesome tech, so it is time for a bit more chaos. June 2016 laptop sticker redo:

Embrace the Chaos

I only left one off. It’s going proudly on my molskine:

Zero Fs